Welcome to palmer K designs!

Being a self taught artist and devoted stay at home mom for 20 years, I found joy in creating art for our home and with my children as a together time activity.  As my children embarked on their own journeys and adventures, I transformed my passion into something more, launching palmer K designs - a platform to extend my artistry beyond the canvas as "Art to Be lived in".

Signing my paintings “palmer K”, I am inspired by my love of being outdoors in nature and playing music as a guitar player, singer, and songwriter myself.  While creating fine art across various subjects, my particular fondness lies in crafting music inspired paintings.  Capturing the unique way an instrument resonates and its profound connection to the musician, I delve into the melody, harmony, groove, tone, and the pursuit of reaching the next artistic level.

Drawing on my experience and free spirit, I go where the canvas takes me, using whatever tools and mediums I'm inspired to use. When I paint, my goal is to create and title a piece that is both pleasing to the eye, evokes emotion of familiarity and enjoyment, while also drawing the viewer in for a second look to make a personal connection with my art.

The inception of palmer K designs unfolded gradually, driven by an ever-evolving vision.  Amidst the pandemic lockdown, I launched palmer K designs, sparked by self education and engagement with social media.  The transition of my art from canvas to a product line became a pivotal aspect of this transformative journey. Following the launch, my commitment to growth persisted as I explored fresh opportunities and ways to extend the reach of my artistic expression.

Utilizing my fine art as a foundation, I ventured into the realm of unique pattern repeat designs, leading to the debut of a fabric and pillow line featuring a curated selection of textiles inspired by music and geometric themes.  Unveiled at the October 2022 High Point Market, this collection incorporates instruments and musicians subtly present within the impressionistic pattern repeats, adding a distinctive touch and bringing the timeless joy of music into home decor.  

In 2024, I rebranded with a new logo, new textile patterns and a new pillow line.   Featuring high-quality, made in USA IDFL certified inserts, our pillows are meticulously handcrafted locally here in Virginia, reducing waste, enhancing quality control, and supporting local commerce.

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Rock on,

:) Karen Palmer